12 Ways to Turn Licensing Challenges Into Business Opportunities

An eBook for software publishers and intelligent device manufacturers


This eBook explores 12 of the most common software licensing challenges faced by software publishers today. It discusses these challenges, the business impact of each, and then provides questions you can use to help access your unique licensing situation and business goals. We then take you one step closer to a solution by providing a glimpse into how Gemalto Software Monetization solutions solve for each of these challenges and actually turn them into opportunities to maximize software revenues and ensure continued business success. 

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"Gemalto Sentinel provides a lot of flexibility in terms of how we package and enable features in our software. It's given us the ability to customize our products for individual customers and different markets through simple feature configuration."

Andreas Röck, Product Manager, Softing Industrial Automation GmbH

Gemalto’s Sentinel family continues to dominate the Software Licensing and Monetization market.*
* Frost and Sullivan - Analysis of the Global Software Monetization Market 2015

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