NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) has been gaining traction with CSPs (Communications Service Providers) over the last years. However, most of the business case benefits such as CAPEX and OPEX savings, as well as time-to-market benefits, are yet to be confirmed. To realize the financial and ROI benefits promised by NFV as well as to further accelerate NFV adoption rate, many challenges still need to be addressed, especially around software licensing and flexible business models.

In the NFV world, network functions that were once delivered by a single-vendor hardware appliance, can now be disaggregated and delivered as multi-vendor software applications. As a result, software licensing strategies, ranging from pricing to entitlement enforcement, play an important role in lowering the CAPEX and OPEX, envisaged through virtualization.

Whether you are a VNF supplier or a CSP, you probably realize how virtualization revolutionizes the legacy licensing business models employed by physical network functions. Without support for flexible, usage-based models, Service Providers will have difficulty realizing the financial and ROI benefits promised by NFV. Providing a flexible and cohesive licensing strategy also has implications on the functional capabilities of NFV. For example, VNF auto scaling and VNF portability have direct impacts on software licensing and entitlement.

To better understand the evolving business models of CSPs and to get practical knowledge on how to innovate with different licensing and pricing strategies in a NFV environment, please join our Ask the Experts webinar featuring Michael Heffner, Vice President PLM, at Ensemble, a Division of ADVA Optical Networking and Darim Rahmatallah, Senior Product Manager at Gemalto.

The webinar will be held in English on September 13 at 11:00 EDT / 5 pm CEST.

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Ask the Experts is a quarterly webcast series introducing new trends in the licensing, entitlement, and protection space. To access the previous session, click here.


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About the webinar


Michael Heffner, Vice President PLM at Ensemble, a Divison of ADVA Optical Networking

Darim Rahmatallah, Senior Product Manager at Gemalto


Wednesday, September 13, 2017


11:00 am (EDT) / 5 pm (CEST)

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